Fine Art Printing

New address : Avenue Franklin, 4 box 19 - 1300 Wavre. Tel 010/45 97 77.

Professional and amateur photographers as well as fans of Fine Art prints have been relying on the services and advice of our photo lab for almost 40 years.

Our services

Our lab, which has 40 years of experience in image processing, is regarded as one of the leading references for analog and digital photography.  We advise and assist yo with your HD Scans, if you want to print one or more photos on photo paper or Fine Art paper (Canson®) or on aluminium (ChromaLuxe®), want to mount them under plexiglass (Diasec®) or on a rigid backing or want your photos to be framed.  We take a great deal of care in everything we do.
HD scan, based on original, whether opaque (documents, photos) or transparent (solides, négatives, Ektachrome...).  Colors and contrasts that are as true to the original file as possible.
We were the first ChromaLuxe® lab in Belgium.  The quality or our prints on this extraordinary aluminium print media is internationally recognised. 

We are at your service and will gladly advise you.  Our experts spare no effort to provide you with perfect colour and black & white prints.

Photo mounting
Our lab gladly mounts your photos and Fine Art prints on various types of rigid backings.

We offer different types of protection against UV and grime, depending on the type of paper and the desired final result.

We finish and frame your prints in our workshop so we can control the quality, offer affordable rates and reduce the project time.

Gift ideas
Do you want to give your family, friends or business contacts on original gift ?  We have a wide range of personalised gift you can choose from.

Contact our photo lab is really easy !

We will gladly assist you from Monday to Friday between 9h00 and 18h00 without interruption. Closed at w-e.

Contact form
Use our contact form so we can process your request with the utmost attention.  This will help us better understand you request.
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We are always jus a call away !
There is nothing like a visit to our lab to see what we do and talk to our team to help you with your wishes.  Call us to make an appointment.

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